Club Trips

The Club runs trips each month to various locations around Victoria. These can be single day or full weekend trips, organised to include accomodation and generally run from Friday night to Sunday afternoon or over long weekends.

Club trips are agreat way to get to know other members better and many strong friendships have been formed on trips over the years.

Some of the locations our club trips can include are places such as Kiewa Valley, Mitta Mitta, Howqua, Anglers Rest, Eildon, Newlyn Reservoir and Lake Toolondo (all in Victoria).

Whilst 'official' club trips accumualte points towards the annual club championship award, some "social" fishing trips (no points accumulated) are organized each year to such places as Millbrook Lakes (near Ballarat), New Zealand or Tasmania where some very large fish are regularly caught.

For all trip details please contact  Fly Fishing Trips Co-ordinator: email Trips Coordinator

The next trips

Please refer to the club syllabus.


Social Fishing Trip - Millbrook Lakes